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We offer residential and commercial services for all of Northern Michigan. We offer estimates to help in the planning process as well the professionals to guide you through the steps of taking on a major project. We know this can be an overwhelming experience, we are here to help. 

We've been playing in the dirt since 1965.

-Established in 1965 by Ernest and Venita Wilkinson 

-Originally a school house! 

-In the mid 70's operations were taken over by Floyd & James Wilkinson

-James continued operations up until the late 2000's

-In 2010 Fred Wilkinson began heading up operations and is current president of the company. Chris Wilkinson is Vice President, Secretary is Amy Wilkinson and Treasurer is James Wilkinson.

So many other family members as well as friends have played a role in the success of EF WIlkinson & Sons, it is truly thanks to everyone's hard work. 

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We have the equipment necessary to take on any of your upcoming plans no matter big or small. Let our professionals work with you every step of the way for an carefree process. 

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